by  St Peter Julian Eymard
(Supplement by Carl Wainwright S.T.B.)

Your Special Annotated edition includes: + Treatise on Transubstantiation: History, What it is and Is Not + Bibliography since 1990 – The Eucharist (Sacrament of) – APA 6th edition—Plus “Grey Literature” references! + Glossary of Traditional Catholic terms Plus the Prayers of and for the intercession of St Eymard. 
"Jesus Christ continues alive and truly present in the consecrated host and the chalice" is the central point of the Catholic faith" -Benedict XVI

 "It is a presence in the fullest sense: a substantial presence whereby Christ, the God-Man, is wholly and entirely present" - Pope John Paul II

240pp - 6x9
ISBN: 9781497412149

author/St Peter Julian Eymard

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