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The Pulpit Orator: For the Chief Festivals and Other Occasions Vol. 6

by Rev. John Evangelist Zollner

These are full Traditional Catholic sermons that follow the Latin Mass missal. The collection by the renowned Rev. Zollner should be a keepsake in every Catholic home or in the library of the Church catechist. A perfect gift for the busy Traditional Catholic priest, each volume contains two homilies, a sermon on doctrine, one on the liturgy itself, a symbolic sermon, and a moral sermon.

Volume 6 of the 6 volume set contains sermons for all the major festivals such as the Most Holy Rosary and Sacred Heart as well as sermons that arise by need from time to time such as Jubilee or a priest's first mass.

484pp - 6x9

Direct (PayPal) - $12.95 + s&h

Amazon - $19.95