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The Psychology of Jesus: A Study of the Development of His Self Consciousness

Albert Wellman Hitchcock Ph.D.
Totally God and totally Man. In the 21st century so much emphasis is put on the Man that we forget to take a reality check: what sort of Man was He really? Permissive? Loving everyone to the point of loose living? A Rabbi at the top of his profession? A brilliant work whose author died before it was published, this is the classic book in which Dr. Hitchock studies the Man from the firm root of a bible believer, a theologian and a psychologist. 

What was Jesus' point of view at different staged of His life? What experiences influenced Him? What were the major motivations in His life? Who is the Saviour. For anyone who wants a deeper, personal relationship with Jesus, getting inside the mind of the greatest human being who ever lived is an experience that will carry you for years

298pp - 6x9

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