The Life, Prayers and Miracles of Saint Francis (annotated)

The Life, Prayers and Miracles of Saint Francis (annotated)

by St. Bonaventure
(commentaries by Prof John Davis DD)

The Saint that inspires the Pope! Here's the original, untainted biography of the Man of the Poor who inspires the Holy Father Francis I. 

Your Special “2for1” Annotated edition includes:
+ Treatise on the ‘Historical’ Life of Francis from a Mildly More Academic Viewpoint 
+ Bibliography - St Francis – Since 1990 —APA 6th Edition: PLUS ‘Grey Literature’ for easy Research 
 + Glossary of Traditional Catholic terms Plus “Miracles after His Death” & The Prayers of St Francis!

"And those words came to me: the poor, the poor. Then, right away, thinking of the poor, I thought of Francis of Assisi. Then I thought of all the wars, as the votes were still being counted, till the end. Francis is also the man of peace. That is how the name came into my heart: Francis of Assisi."

126pp - 6x9
ISBN: 9781497412958
author/St. Bonaventure
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