by St. John of the Cross

(illustrated by Geoffrey Xiang, Contributions by Thomas Mauer)

 All 7 Major Parts are here!

Your Special Illustrated & Annotated edition includes:

+12 New Illustrations by Dynamic Generative Artist Geoffrey Xiang – Carmelite Defenders of the Faith and the Carmelite Order
+Glossary of medieval Catholic terminology

Comprised of 7 parts - The Ascent of Mt Carmel, The Dark Night of the Soul, Instructs & Cautions, Spiritual Maxims incl. Advice to a Religious, Letters, Poems & The Living Flame of Love.

Together St. John of the Cross aka Fray John and St Teresa of Avila founded the Discalced Carmelites.

So influential is Fray John that as a young priest Pope John Paul II wrote his dissertation 'The Problem of Faith in the Works of St. John of the Cross.'

"The saint's principal works help us to approach the outstanding points of his vast and profound mystical doctrine, whose objective is to describe a sure way to arrive at sanctity, the state of perfection to which God calls us all." -Pope Benedict XVI 16 Feb 2011

ISBN: 9781499658491
328pp - 6x9

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