Strangeness of Truth: Vibrant Faith in a Dark World

Strangeness of Truth: Vibrant Faith in a Dark World




author/Fr. Damian Ference

In an age of loneliness and distraction, it can be easy to forget God's presence in our daily lives-until we are confronted with everyday miracles like birth, death, or marriage. In his new book, The Strangeness of Truth, Fr. Damian Ference meditates on the way that eternal mysteries such as the Incarnation, Resurrection, and the Eucharist make themselves felt in the everyday, using scenes from his own life to illustrate and animate doctrine. 

Plenty of elaborate theological treatises have been written on the subjects that he addresses, but his tone is conversational and direct. His insights are designed to awaken and remind his readers of the radical truths that surround them- that God holds our world in existence, that He became a man, and that He sacrificed Himself for us. Fr. Ference's writing is filled with wonder, reverence, and a keen observational sense, using concrete examples and crystal-clear observations to illuminate realities often spoken of as murky or abstract. The Strangeness of Truth will spark a renewed love and appreciation for the doctrines God has revealed, and help you see them with fresh eyes; not as they could be, but how they really are-beautiful, strange, and timeless. 

2020 CPA Award Winner!

Fr. Damian Ference-a dynamic a priest of the Diocese of Cleveland ordained in 2002-reached deeply into the rich soil of reality and pulled the radical beauty of truth of the Catholic faith for everyone to see. Filled with warm, personal stories, The Strangeness of Truth engages all of us-seekers and searchers, men and women, the well-versed and novices-it calls us to a transforming encounter with Christ!

Binding: Paperback  176pp.
Pub Date: February 08, 2019
ISBN: 0819891266    EAN: 9780819891266