author/Brian Doyle

In this spirited collection of essays, Brian Doyle employs his wit, wisdom, and gusto for life as he shares with readers his thoughts on Jesus, the Mass, birds, bees, and so much more. What would be a good alternative name for Jesus? What does a honeybee at Mass have to tell us about Christ? What is, after all, the real point of saying prayers when someone is suffering? Through the good and the bad, the serious and the hilarious, Doyle finds just the right story and just the right words to help us better understand life and love--and to help us see our faith in a whole new light.
Table of Contents:
Preface -- Leaping Foreword -- Why Write? -- I Believe -- I Believe -- Room Eight -- Joey's Doll's Other Arm -- The Primary Wish of Your Creator Is Love, Is That Not So? -- Grace Notes -- Washed Clean -- Yesuah ben Joseph -- Joe's Boy -- JC1654 -- Mister Louie -- Christ's Elbows -- A Thin Ragged Man -- A Catholic Being -- Credo -- Altar Boy -- Father, Son, Spirit Holy -- The Mass Is a Genius -- A Sunday, in October, under a Flight of Geese -- Revelations & Epiphanies -- Eating Dirt -- The Anchoviad -- Diary: Summer -- Reading the Birds -- Glory Bee -- Crushing a Car -- The Sudden Flight of Mrs. Wilhemina Kettell, in Summer -- To Remember Is to Pray -- Grace under Duress -- Leap -- Kaddish -- His Sweet Weight -- Last Supper -- A Prayer for Pete -- Two Hearts -- In the Country of Fear -- With His Hat on His Head -- The Grace -- On Not Beating Cancer -- Children Are Verbs -- The Meteorites -- Two on Two -- The Death of Rascal -- Weal -- Making the Bed -- Pop Art -- The Measure of Mystery -- Yes -- A Note -- About the Author.

Brian Doyle edits Portland Magazine at the University of Portland in Oregon, called "the best spiritual magazine in the country" by Annie Dillard. Doyle is also the author of 13 books of essays, fiction, and poetry; among the honors for his work are the Christopher Medal and a Catholic Press Association Book Award. He lives with his family in Portland.

Binding: Paperback  222pp.
Pub Date: October 01, 2013
ISBN: 0829439048    EAN: 9780829439045