The First Spiritual Exercises: Four Guided Retreats

The First Spiritual Exercises: Four Guided Retreats




author/Michael Hansen, (Adapted by)

For almost five hundred years, the Spiritual Exercises have been available only to priests and religious who could spend thirty days in silence under the guidance of a spiritual director. Now they are available as four retreats on inner peace to people in every stage of spiritual growth. Years of research and testing take form in Michael Hansen, S.J.s recreation of the way that St. Ignatius actually first gave the Exercises as he travelled with four companions, begging in bare feet and dressed in sackcloth. Each retreat guides the reader in an hour of daily prayer through four weeks, Monday to Thursday, and includes Sunday Eucharist and a weekend exercisetwenty-two days in all. The retreats offer four paths to inner peace: in divine love, in the service of God, in darkness and light, and in friendship with Jesus. Additionally, the book contains ten guides and helps for prayer, including four forms of a guided awareness prayer called the Examen, as well as guides to journaling, spiritual direction, and discernment.

Table of Contents:

Introduction -- The First Spiritual Exercises -- Spiritual Desire -- My Desire for Inner Peace -- Introducing the First Spiritual Exercises -- Expectations -- The Four Retreats -- Inner Peace in Divine Love -- Inner Peace in Darkness and Light -- Inner Peace in Friendship with Jesus -- Inner Peace in the Service of God -- Spiritual Progress -- Keeping the Graces Received -- Receiving Further Exercises -- Giving the First Exercises to Others -- Guides and Helps -- Spiritual Life -- The Ignatian Awareness Examen -- The Ignatian Particular Examen -- The Ignatian Reconciliation Examen -- The Ignatian Healing Examen -- Spiritual Guides -- The Ignatian Guide to Enhance Exercises -- The Ignatian Guide to Twelve Ways of Prayer -- The Ignatian Guide to Christian Belief -- Spiritual Conversation -- The Ignatian Guide to Spiritual Journaling -- The Ignatian Guide to Spiritual Conversation -- The Ignatian Guide to the Discernment of Spirits -- A Note on the Texts -- Notes.

Binding: Paperback  369pp.
Pub Date: April 08, 2013
ISBN: 1594713782    EAN: 9781594713781