Pope Francis Deacons: Servants of Charity

Pope Francis Deacons: Servants of Charity




author/United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Church sees in the permanent diaconate the expression and, at the same time, the vital impetus to become a visible sign of the diaconia of Christ the Servant in the history of mankind. - Pope Francis, Foreword to Deacons: Servants of Charity


Written through the eyes of a deacon, this study of the permanent diaconate discerns who deacons are in relation to the Church and the service that flows from their interior character "they are ordained ministers, preachers of the Word, and models of Christ. As deacons move along the path of charity, they herald the Good News of Jesus Christ in the world.

Deacons are called to minister to the community of believers, in service to Christ, their bishop, the poor, and the Body of Christ. This narrative takes the reader through Pope Francis's vision for the permanent diaconate. This story reviews the renewal of the permanent diaconate and significant magisterial teachings on the office of the diaconate. It looks at Pope Francis's words as bishop of Buenos Aires and his teachings, including his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium.

This beautiful narrative draws the reader into the sacred ministry of the diaconate and will inspire deacons and all those drawn to the service of charity.

Binding: Paperback  283pp.
Pub Date: July 30, 2018
ISBN: 1601375832    EAN: 9781601375834