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Catholic Teaching on the Environment: Celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of Laudato Si'

by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


Whet your appetite for exploring the beauty and awe of God's creation. This easily digestible book brings together the writings of the Magisterium and the words of Sacred Scripture and offers prayers for creation and in praise of the Creator.

Get a brief but comprehensive overview of Church teaching on the environment with this book. Discover how the Magisterium expands on its rich teaching on creation. Then read through the essentials of what Scripture itself says about creation. Conclude with the Church's tradition of prayer: to care for creation, to honor the Creator, and to bless the works of creation!

This book will inspire parents, high school and college students, young people, parish ministers, pastors, and people of all ages toward a greater love for the gift of creation and the Creator! Pick it up now in honor of the 5th anniversary Laudato Si'!


Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: May 18, 2020
ISBN: 1601376537    EAN: 9781601376534