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The Abbey Psalter: The Book of Psalms Used by the Trappist Monks of Genesse Abbey

by John Eudes Bamberger

The Grail edition of the Psalms, hand-lettered by Trappist monks and set for personal chanting or choir singing.

The Psalter is the prayerbook of the people of God. The tradition of incorporating the Psalter in the teaching and life and worship of the primitive community was maintained in the centuries following the apostolic period and continued to provide a major influence upon the thought and spirituality of Christians throughout patristic times. Perhaps no other book of the Bible has been more fully commented upon and explained than the Psalter, right on through the Middle Ages and into Reformation times. - from Foreward by John Eudes Bamberger, Abbott of the Genesee

Binding: Hardcover  352pp.
Pub Date: January 01, 1981
ISBN: 0809103168    EAN: 9780809103164