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If you have ever loved someone who left the Faith, you know the ache of wanting that person back at the table. When we feel this ache, the one intimately known to Saint Monica for years, we begin to learn how to love as God loves. In this book, Maggie Green shows how you can faithfully follow the example of Saint Monica, whose prayers, tears, and witness eventually led to the conversion of both her husband and her son, Saint Augustine, Doctor of the Church. This isnt a book on how to win your prodigal child back its a book on how to wait for them, how to be okay with planting the seeds and laboring in the vineyard without necessarily seeing the harvest. Read these pages, and youll come to see how the Holy Spirit is at work in each of us, calling us all home and encouraging our witness to each other.

In the fourth century, a young man named Augustine turned his back on the Church, plunging into a frenzied life of lust and dissipation. His renunciation left Monica, his pious Catholic mother, weeping and praying for his salvation . . . for more than a decade!

Like so many Catholics today -- even perhaps like you -- Monica wrestled daily with the pain of having a loved one fall away from the Faith. Like us, she often feared that her prayers and tears were of little worth, empty, futile.

Not so! After nearly two decades, Augustine returned to the Faith, and in a big way. Revered today as Saint Augustine, he joined in holiness his mother, Monica -- now Saint Monica -- whose sacrifices, prayers, and pain finally won for both of them the crown of sanctity.

In these pages, author Maggie Green provides wise, compassionate guidance for members of what she calls "The Saint Monica Club": good Catholics suffering like Monica the rejection of the Faith by persons they love dearly.

Herself a longtime and long-suffering member of the club, Green shows how persevering as Monica did in devoted love for straying souls -- loving them as God does -- will not only quiet the lingering, aching cry of our hearts, but will also draw our lost loved ones back to the Faith and into the arms of Jesus again. Yes, the non-confrontational Way of Saint Monica is hard. But it is the only way. These pages demonstrate that, with the souls of our loved ones at stake, it is worth the effort. . .and worth the wait.

Catholic mother Maggie Green consoles those who grieve for their loved ones who have rejected the Roman Catholic faith. Inspired by St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine, Green offers wise, compassionate guidance and encouragement in the face of great, yet often-hidden, suffering.

Binding: Paperback  144pp.
Pub Date: January 17, 2020
ISBN: 1622827236    EAN: 9781622827237