The Doubting Disease: Help for Scrupulosity and Religious Compulsions

The Doubting Disease: Help for Scrupulosity and Religious Compulsions




author/Joseph W Ciarrocchi

The Doubting Disease by Joseph W. Ciarrocchi brings to the fore the most current information available today on religion and scruples, scrupulosity, and obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD). In this book he helps us clearly appreciate the interior anguish suffered by thousands of people of faith who have this symptomatology and what we can do about it. As well as offering a concise, helpful understanding of the demographics, etiology and treatment of scrupulosity and OCD, in the Doubting Disease he also addresses the questions: *How does scrupulosity develop? *What are the differences between common and uncommon scrupulosity? *What are some classic and contemporary models of religious scrupulosity? *Where does the issue of scrupulosity fit into the history of pastoral care? *What are some practical ways to target scruples and increase motivation for reduction of scrupulosity and compulsivity? *How and when should persons get help for scrupulosity and OCD? Essential for all persons involved in general ministry, pastoral counseling, and the treatment of religious persons suffering from scrupulosity and OCD, I believe this book will also be of great service for anyone interested in the psychology of religion and the theological topics of "conversion," "discernment," and "sin." ---Robert J. Wicks Series Editor

Binding: Paperback  192pp.
Pub Date: January 01, 1995
ISBN: 0809135531    EAN: 9780809135530