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The Better Part: Four Volume Set, A Christ-Centred Resource for Personal Prayer

by Fr John Bartunek

Four-volume set comprising meditations on all four Gospels, as well as a guide to Christian meditation.

Daily Meditation...keeps your faith lively, supple, and relevant. It irrigates the soil of your soul, making your life more fruitful and continually opening up new vistas along the path to spiritual maturity.

Now, Father John Bartunek, author of Inside the Passion, has created an extensive Christ-centered resource to serve as a daily meditation companion. The Better Part is meant to be a catalyst to personalize your times of prayer and meditation, enabling you to follow the Holy Spirit's lead more readily.

The first section of The Better Part offers a detailed and practical guide to Christian meditation. The second and larger section is divided into units. Each unit consists of five parts: a passage from the Gospels and a four-part commentary based on the same four themes throughout the book: Christ the Lord, Christ the Teacher, Christ the Friend, and Christ in My Life. All four Gospels are contained and commented upon in their entirety. This structure is substantive, meditative, and flexible. Truly, this is a book for a lifetime!

Binding: Paperback  1020pp.
Pub Date: April 16, 2020
ISBN: 1644131366    EAN: 9781644131367