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Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership: Practicing the Wisdom of Leading by Serving; Revised & Expanded Edition

by James W Sipe & Don M Frick

Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership trains readers in how to evolve and implement the competencies and behaviors of servant leadership using pointed questions, stories, exercises, case studies, and research-based activities that the authors have field-tested with numerous leaders in the public and private sectors. Seven Pillars goes beyond developing individual skills, however. Each chapter includes stories of how servant-led companies have integrated specific servant leadership principles and skills into corporate cultures and policies. The final chapter offers updated strategies and examples so that readers can begin implementing servant leadership in their own organizations. The book includes questions that are ideal for small groups, that reflect the findings of twenty years of research on the changes of human behavior that take place in individuals and organizations.
Binding: Paperback  288pp.
Pub Date: July 07, 2015
ISBN: 0809149265    EAN: 9780809149261