Mystics & Miracles: True Stories of Lives Touched by God

Mystics & Miracles: True Stories of Lives Touched by God




author/Bert Ghezzi

Revealing the Human Side of Mystics

MYSTICS ARE PEOPLE who have been introduced into the mysteries of Christ's death and resurrection. In a sense, all Christians are mystics. But not all Christians enjoy a special closeness to God--this is what sets the mystics apart. In these compelling life sketches, Bert Ghezzi highlights the miracles and the extraordinary lives of the mystics while reminding us of their humanity. He brings them within reach and onto level ground, where we can learn from them and find inspiration in their lives of faith in God.

Some devoted students of the saints exalt them too highly. These overzealous hagiographers do the saints a great disservice. They daub their subjects' blemishes with cosmetic religiosity. They seal saints in airtights wrappers or isolate them on pedestals. Haven't you read biographies of saints who are made to seem like visitors from other planets? Such well-intentioned writers also do us a great disservice. they put the saints beyond our reach by concealing their humanity.

I find these spiritual giants more attractive when their mortality plainly shows. When, among their sonders, I see their wrongdoings and weaknesses, I can relate to them more easily. --from the book

Bert Ghezzi has remarkable insight into the relevance of saints for today. Mystics and Miracles can increase our fiath and deepen our hunger for God." -- ralph Martin, president of Renewal Ministries, host of television's The Choice We Face.

"I can bear witness to the authenticity of Ghezzi's book, having known one of these wonder-working mystics and friends of God he writes about. In an age burdened dwon with skepticism and timid faith, here is a book for the devout believer to enjoy--to laugh with Christ and his saints in the face of evil and to undo it." --Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R., author of The Journey toward God.

Bert Ghezzi, who holds a PhD in history from the University of Notre Dame, is a popular speaker and author who has written nearly twenty books, including Mystics and Miracles, The Sign of the Cross, Keeping Your Kids Catholic, and Voices of the Saints. He is currently an acquisitions editor for Our Sunday Visitor. He and his wife reside in Winter Park, Florida.

Binding: Paperback  189pp.
Pub Date: February 02, 2004
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