author/Fernando Flores

For the Love of Food, the Church, and Her Saints!

From traditional Cottage Pie on St. Patricks Day to Basque Lamb Stew on the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola, the delicious recipes in this unique cookbook will excite your senses, awaken in you greater love for the saints, and bring Catholic festivity into your home.

Here youll find brief saints biographies and ideal accompanying dishes tied to the liturgical feasts of the Church. From this exceptional cookbook, your family will receive triple nourishment: for body, mind, and spirit.

In it, you'll encounter:

  • Scores of exciting dishes from dozens of countries, including Ethiopia, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Korea, Scotland, France, Greece, and Sweden
  • Sixty fascinating saints biographies
  • A comprehensive list of celebratory cookies for feast days throughout the year
  • Many traditional recipes, including Roman Honey Cake, Hungarian Goulash Soup, and even Papal Cream Cake (a favorite of St. John Paul II)
  • A handy index to help you find just the kind of dinner you need tonight
  • A carefully categorized shopping list for each recipe, to save you time in the store 

Gathered by Alexandra Greeley, a professional chef and author of thirty-five cookbooks, and Fernando Flores, a world traveler and aficionado of all things relating to food and faith, each of these succulent recipes has been home-tested by our team of Christian mothers and their families.

With the help of Cooking with the Saints, youll turn every Christian feast into a joyous, faith-filled occasion, bringing your family gastronomic delight and spiritual enrichment throughout the year.

Binding: Hardcover  352pp.
Pub Date: March 21, 2019
SBN: 1622825101    EAN: 9781622825103