author/Frank Fraser

Before I was me,
just before I was born,
I asked God, "Who will I become?"
"Oh, my little one," He replied,
"I have great plans for you!
I have chosen you to be
a very important person whom I will always love."

This beautifully illustrated, delightful story of an imaginary conversation between God and an unborn baby will lead children to see that from the very moment God gave them a soul at conception, He had great plans for them.

In this charming odyssey of self-discovery, the child imagines himself as an astronaut, a baker, a farmer, a doctor, a teacher, a parent, and a child . . . important simply for who he is a child whom God will always love.

Binding: Hardcover  40pp.
Pub Date: February 15, 2018
ISBN: 162282606X    EAN: 9781622826063