101 Questions and Answers on Eastern Catholic Churches

101 Questions and Answers on Eastern Catholic Churches




author/Edward Faulk

Offers an introductory look at the the theology, practices and structures of the Eastern Catholic Churches.

This book, another of the informative and reader-friendly 101 Questions & Answers series, provides an introductory look at the theology, practices and structure of the Eastern Catholic Churches, with a comparison to the Latin Rite Church. Although the author emphasizes the Byzantine and Maronite Churches, he takes into account all the ritual Churches. Written with Roman (Latin) Catholic readers in mind, this book answers questions on the differences and similarities between the eastern Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches that believers may have wondered about or never had the opportunity to ask, e.g., Why do Eastern Catholic babies get to go to communion?; Are the saints in the East different from those in the West? This information-packed overview book paves the way for readers to address Pope John Paul II's directive in Orientale Lumen with regard to learning about the East.

Binding: Paperback  115pp.
Pub Date: March 01, 2007
ISBN: 0809144417    EAN: 9780809144419