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"Sonja Corbitt has engaged Catholics across the country with her Scripture teachings, both in person and in her popular books including Unleashed and Ignite. In Exalted, Corbitt explores her relationship with Mary through the lens of the ancient canticle found in the first chapter of Luke, the Magnificat. Breaking open the ancient text one line at a time, the author acknowledges her struggles as a new Catholic to understand Marian devotion, and shows that the Magnificat was not just something Mary sang, but something she is: an expression of God's loving and transforming power in the world. Seen in this light, the Magnificat is not only the heartbeat of the liturgical and devotional life of the Church; it is also a blueprint for the purpose-filled, joyful Christian life. Integrating her own story with invitations to engage the Scriptures through personal study and "God prompts," Corbitt unlocks the insights contained within this ancient canticle, revealing a song that speaks to each of us in a unique way, calling us to delight in the power of God to transform us so that we can revel in the fullness and joy of life in Christ"--  

 ISBN: 9781594718991
 Pub Date: November 08, 2019
 192 pages