Saint of the Day: The Definitive Guide to the Saints

Saint of the Day: The Definitive Guide to the Saints


author/Leonard Foley (Author), Pat McCloskey (Revised by)

"This is the 40th anniversary edition of Saint of the Day, first compiled by Leonard Foley, O.F.M., and published in two volumes. Through the years, this popular book has been a go-to source for information on key saints. This seventh revised edition contains the following additions: New saints and blesseds such as John of Avila, Hildegard of Bingen, John Henry Newman, and John Paul II. An expanded Introduction, with more detail about the current process of canonization. Also, background on the evolution of Saint of the Day since the first two volumes, including its recent formats as a daily online resource and as an app. A suggested resources section of additional Franciscan Media products with information about saints and blesseds Saint of the Day has been a trusted guide for forty years, and this latest edition continues the tradition"--

"The stories of saints reaffirm that holiness is not restricted by age, sex, nationality, geography, or time in which a person lives. Saints represent almost every occupation and family background. Holy women and men use their diverse, God-given talents by witnessing in their unique way to God's compassionate love; there are no clones among the saints." -- from the Introduction 

For more than forty years, Saint of the Day has been a trusted guide, and this latest edition continues the tradition. 

Like his predecessors, Pope Francis continues to recognize and acclaim people from all walks of life. Newly added saints and blesseds include Oscar Romero, Marie of the Incarnation, Fran├žois de Laval, Miriam Teresa Demjanovich, Stanley Rother, Pope Paul VI, and Solanus Casey.

Binding: Paperback  320pp.
Pub Date: December 20, 2017
ISBN: 1632532492    EAN: 9781632532497