Awaken My Heart: 52 Weeks of Giving Thanks and Loving Abundantly: A Yearly Devotional for Women

Awaken My Heart: 52 Weeks of Giving Thanks and Loving Abundantly: A Yearly Devotional for Women




author/Emily Wilson Hussem


Do you feel as if you are running on empty? Have you fallen asleep to the glory of God and his love being revealed to you each day?

Bestselling and award-winning author and popular YouTuber Emily Wilson Hussem has been there too. She invites you on a year-long transformational journey of practicing gratitude, becoming more closely aware of God's presence in your every day and serving others in his name. These fifty-two reflections will help you cultivate a deeper prayer life, find freedom from the frenzy of tasks and the noise of the culture, and discover the lasting joy that can only blossom in a heart awakened to the beauty of God's quiet, loving presence.

Awaken My Heart is an invitation to become aware of the presence of God in your life. Emily Wilson Hussem provides a roadmap for replacing busyness and distraction with intentional moments of noticing God's abiding love and practicing gratitude for his many gifts--big and little blessings such as a visit from a friend, a call from your sister, the laughter of your children, a setting sun, or crumbs on the floor. These fleeting moments and everyday happenings can seem insignificant, but when you behold them with intention and thank God for making them possible, you'll find yourself in regular conversation with Jesus, the lifeblood of your deep connection with God.

This fifty-two-week devotional blends spiritual insights, authentic vulnerability, and wise guidance for women of every age who want to have a heart fully awakened to God's presence and the beautiful bouquet of blessings he's put in your life. The reflection for each week includes a specific focus for the upcoming seven days. With stories, challenges, and insights into scripture, each reflection is designed to draw you deeper into awareness of Christ's love and the love he is calling you to share with the world. Wilson Hussem also offers practical ways to choose to love--visiting the elderly, calling your mom, or pausing to pray for a special intention--that are simple enough for even the busiest lifestyle.

How and when you use the devotional is completely flexible: You can start on any day of the week and return to it as often as you need to. Each week's focus is designed to draw you deeper into the heart of God by learning to love Jesus, others, and yourself more fully.


"In Awaken My Heart, Emily Wilson Hussem touches upon our desperation to be seen, heard, and loved. She answers back with the only answer that could satisfy such a desire: God alone. In a world full of negativity, this book will remind you that life is beautiful, joy awaits, and God will never leave you. Every human being needs this book." -- Leah Darrow, Catholic speaker, podcaster, and author of The Other Side of Beauty


"I want every woman to read this book. No matter your age and or season of life, Emily Wilson Hussem's voice is full of encouragement, compassion, wisdom, and truth. She speaks right to you. Her personal stories bring Scripture and faith in Jesus to life." -- Beth Davis, Director of Ministry Advancement, Blessed Is She


"Through personal stories, tremendous practical insights, and countless tips for refocusing and putting our Lord at the center of our lives, Emily Wilson Hussem offers her hand as a sister in Christ and walks with us, leaving a profound and powerful impression on us all. What a gift!" -- Sarah Swafford, Catholic speaker and author of Emotional Virtue


"Every young woman who reads this book will be reminded of the glory of who they are and whose they are." -- Jackie Francois Angel, Speaker, songwriter, and author of Pray, Decide, and Don't Worry


"Reading and reflecting through this devotional, I was drawn closer to God's loving heart. I love how practical, deep, reflective, and thought-provoking this devotional is. Emily Wilson Hussem is a wonderful role model and through this book will awaken the hearts of women to the love of Christ." -- Fr. Rob Galea, Musician, singer-songwriter, and author of Breakthrough

Emily Wilson Hussem is an international speaker, author, and YouTuber who runs a global ministry for women. With more than 120,000 subscribers on YouTube, she reaches a worldwide audience of women with a message of faith and identity in Jesus.

The author of the bestselling and award-winning Go Bravely, Awaken My Heart, The Go Bravely Companion Journal, and I Choose the Sky, she earned a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from Arizona State University. Wilson Hussem lives in Southern California with her husband, Daniёl, and their sons, Zion and Jedediah.

Binding: Paperback  288pp.
Pub Date: November 06, 2020
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