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Ceremonies Explained for Servers: A Manual for Altar Servers, Acolytes, Sacristans, and Masters of Ceremonies

by Bishop Peter Elliott

Ceremonies Explained for Servers may well be called the mother of all servers' manuals. This is the most detailed guide available for servers and those who train and supervise them at the altar.

In accessible language, Ceremonies covers the roles of servers in a wide range of Catholic liturgical celebrations. These are described in full, such as: the Mass in both the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms, the seven sacraments, the ceremonies of Holy Week, the Liturgy of the Hours, funeral rites, the liturgies that are celebrated by a bishop and major blessings.

Ceremonies also provides accurate explanations for each of these rites, with Catholic teaching on the liturgy and sacraments and a history of the ministry of servers. The skills, techniques and discipline involved in serving are explained, such as: how a procession should move, how to assist with incense, team-work and responding in emergencies and unforeseen situations.

A spirituality of this ministry runs through the manual, with an underlying theme of service and vocation. In an encouraging personal way, Ceremonies sets out high spiritual ideals that can inspire and guide those who enhance Catholic worship through their ministry.

Bishop Peter Elliott, former Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne, has been a Consulter to the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship, a Member of the Australian Bishops' Liturgical Commission and the Vatican Commission which prepared an Anglican Use for the Personal Ordinariates. He is the author of Ceremonies of the Modern Roman RiteCeremonies of the Liturgical Year and Liturgical Question Box, all published by Ignatius Press.

Binding: Paperback  330pp.
Pub Date: October 08, 2019
ISBN: 1621642992    EAN: 9781621642992