Becoming Who You Are: Insights on the True Self from Thomas Merton and Other Saints

Becoming Who You Are: Insights on the True Self from Thomas Merton and Other Saints



By meditating on personal examples from the author's life, as well as reflecting on the inspirational life and writings of Thomas Merton, stories from the Gospels, as well as the lives of other holy men and women (among them, Henri Nouwen, Therese of Lisieux and Pope John XXIII) the reader will see how becoming who you are, and becoming the person that God created, is a simple path to happiness, peace of mind and even sanctity.


This engaging book will help readers along to the path to discovering who they are meant to be--what Trappist writer and spiritual master Thomas Merton called "your true self."


As Merton put it, "For me to be a saint means to be myself." Written in an accessible and engaging style by a distinguished author, Becoming Who You Are is very much a "how-to" book that will give the reader a grounded way to self-discovery within a Christian context. The text turns on James Martin's personal experiences of realizing that "all God wants me to be is who I am." The author tells of a period, early in his Jesuit novitiate, when he "tried to be like the other Jesuit novices who I knew.... Finally, my spiritual director gave me some good advice: 'Compare and despair'.'' In other words, don't worry about being anyone other than who you are." Becoming Who You Are will appeal to seekers from all sorts of backgrounds, even those who may not know much about the saints, including Catholic readers; people interested in saints; and those interested in spirituality, prayer and personal growth. This book would be perfect for Catholic high school and university students, not only because it addresses the central issue of adolescence (Who am I meant to be? What am I supposed to do with my life?), but also because it is firmly grounded in Catholic thought, is written in a popular style, and provides the reader with an introduction to some of the great Catholics of our time.

Binding: Paperback 98 pages
Pub Date: September 01, 2006
ISBN: 158768036X    EAN: 9781587680366