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by G K Chesterton
Known as the most original work about 'being Christian' & in the tradition of CSLewis' "Mere Christianity" G.K. Chesterton's brilliant work will take hold of you and your faith and make it new again. If you need a faith-injection to jump-start your belief, buy this book. If you like being shown in simple yet clear terms how to believe then Orthodoxy will take you on a journey you never imagined. Our edition is the size of a Hard Cover for easy reading!

"The book is a continuous feast of the delightfully unexpected." --Philip K. Weingart, The Center for Biblical Literacy

"Any concern over the book's forbidding tonality melts away somewhere after the third paragraph. G.K. Chesterton is not so much concerned in weaving a dense wall of theology as in vividly illustrating the startling way that faith overshadows every dimension of life." --Ariel (AJ) Vanderhorst, Blog Bittersweet Life

"His ability to reach into our minds with the nonsensical fantasy illustrations reminded me of C.S. Lewis. Even though he writes from a Roman Catholic background, there is much about Chesterton that Protestant Christians can and should admire."

100pp - 6x9

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