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It Is Right and Just: Why the Future of Civilization Depends on True Religion

by Joseph Crownwood, (Author), Kenneth J Howell, (Author)


The voices of great saints and holy teachers of the past ring out clearly in a unanimous chorus of praise and adoration for the supreme sacrament of the Eucharist. In Mystery of the Altar: Daily Meditations on the Eucharist, Kenneth J. Howell and Joseph Crownwood have brought together these voices to demonstrate the unwavering faith of the Church in the Real Presence of Christ. Aligning daily readings with the liturgical calendar, Mystery of the Altar will enlighten and enliven readers as they contemplate the wide-ranging applications of Eucharistic truth to their lives. A worthy companion for Eucharistic adoration or personal prayer, Mystery of the Altar will ignite love for the Eucharistic Lord in the hearts of all who savor its wealth of meditations.

Binding: Leather    448pp.
Pub Date: December 10, 2020
ISBN: 1949013707    EAN: 9781949013702