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About Us

Dear Patron - About Christian Books Today

Christian Books Today began out of a basic need to study Jesus Christ and the history that followed.

What did our grandparents study? What did their grandparents study ... all the way back to the Apostles who learned directly from the Man and God whose law we follow?

I simply wanted to know more about the Faith being taught from the pulpit. As most of us do, I started reading the books off the Church bookshelves, and when these were done I looked for books from both Catholic and general Christian bookstores.

But when I wanted something more 'meaty' - theologically speaking - I found myself at St. Paul's University Library. Except, St. Paul's was no typical Seminary Library but a world-renowned storehouse for pre-modern works on not only Catholic topics but general Christian as well, resources for mentally detaching Christianity of modern biases. I discovered thousands of brilliant works that had vanished from print, as if they had never contributed to the lives of millions of Christians, whether Anglican, Catholic or noncomformist.

So I devoured what I could, never able to take any of the texts home, but every day my views broadened.

Of the treasures I found, many I tried to buy through antiquarian booksellers, and of the few I located, these were priced as collectables. One was priced over three thousand pounds!

The first solution was to photocopy the books, which was ok for a while.

But one day I was speaking to a local priest about the knowledge he'd gained on how the Liturgy developed, both good and bad in the new mass. An open-minded priest, he wanted that book to read, too.

Rather than give away my only copy (I confess my covetousness), I went back to St. Paul's and prepared another copy, for which the Priest was grateful. But then after the homily, one of the parishioners approached and asked for a copy for herself!

How to get the lady her copy is how Christian Books Today was started.


Now we reproduce these classics and sell them at prices the average family can afford. Each book is selected for its contribution to the Faith - so it had to have been widely used or read in the past - and would in turn have the potential to make an impact again.

Then the books are digitally reproduced, cleaned up as best as we can and finally we make the book available.

As this is a labour of love, I hope every title recovers its reproduction cost, because the cash generated is immediately ploughed back into investing in more selections.

I hope you support us in our efforts and that you believe in what we do.

We ask that you help us spread our small word about what we do by maybe letting people on an e-forum know about us, telling your pastor and church librarian, or if you have a website linking to us.

Also, if there's a book out there that should be made available again, please let us know!  Or consider a donation of your copy (which we'll return to you) to help.

Or if you're part of a charity that helps the People of God, why not "Adopt a Book" and recieve a significant portion of the profit to help your charity. Just email us for details or call to have a chat.

There are printing discounts we can pass along for multiple copy orders, so feel free to get in touch.
And please consider saying a prayer for our work.

Kindest Regards
The Publishers